We offer all aspects of body piercing, tattoos and high quality and fine jewellery sales

Our 2 Tattooists offer a range of styles in their work and all tattoo designs are custom to your ideas. (Tattoo designs will never be copied exactly from your reference).

For all enquiries please use our ‘contact us’ page on the website

Kerry Stone      

Hey, I’m Kerry I have been tattooing since 2012, I have such an amazing time learning this craft and meeting new people. I am so lucky to work alongside people who have experienced it with me and have became my family. I love all styles of tattooing and will work in most genres, although I love doing large colour realistic pieces. I especially love floral realism and using foliage to accentuate the body. I love portraiture, neo traditional, blackwork and sacred geometry. I am also currently training in scalp micropigmentation (smp) which is a type of tattoo that gives the effect of a shaven head, I will also be able to recreate receding hairlines and create the illusion of density on thinning hair.

Cheyenne Knight      

I’ve been a tattoo artist for little over 3 years now. My favourite styles to tattoo are black and grey realism and mandala work, however I also do a variety of others such as colour, watercolour etc and I love to experiment with different styles.

I like to think of myself as a very friendly person, I get on very well with others. I love animals and is always my go to conversation starter!