We offer all aspects of body piercing, high quality and fine, luxury  jewellery sales.

Our body piercer’s, Jo and Charlie, bring you the highest standards, we are the only piercer’s in Staffordshire to be a member’s of UKAPP. Not only do we offer these high standards during your appointment in the studio, but with the aftercare we give too.

We are also stockists of exquisite jewellery from some of the worlds best companies.

For all enquiries please use our ‘contact us’ page here on the website.

Joanne Webster         

Charlie Remy LeBeau         

Hi, I’m Jo and I am the owner of the studio and also one of our Body Piercer’s.
I’ve been in the industry since 2012 and I have loved every minute. I have a huge passion for what I do and I’m always striving to be better every day!
I opened my studio, in my hometown, so I could bring higher standards to my clients, and I have recently achieved one of my goals in holding the bar high for my standards, becoming a member of UKAPP.
I am now the only UKAPP registered Studio in Staffordshire, with 2 UKAPP piercer members.
I offer the highest standards for my clients, from my procedures and equipment to my jewellery and aftercare services.
There is nothing I love more than seeing my clients faces when they see their new piercing with beautiful jewellery.
We have been joined at the studio by Charlie Remy LeBeau, who has been piercing over 12 years and has been fortunate enough in her career to have worked in different studios in various countries around the world, most recently doing a guest spot in Denmark.
Charlie is also a member of UKAPP and holds the same high standards in all her work that is expected here at Ornate.
Jo and Charlie will be working alternate days so when you book in via our online booking system, you can chose either piercer for your appointment.

Jewellery Gallery

Here are a few examples of jewellery we have available in the studio or to custom order. If you have any questions about ordering custom jewellery, please use the ‘contact us’ page on this website.